Top 3: Chinese New Year restaurants

Thursday January 23, 2020

This Saturday marks the start of Chinese New Year, with 2 weeks of celebrations, decorations and delicious food to enjoy.

2020 is the Year of the Rat – but that doesn’t mean you have to dine out anywhere that’s less than sparkling clean!

Here’s Team Tasty’s rundown of our UK top 3 Chinese restaurants to visit…

1) Kam Tong Garden – Milton Keynes

Hygiene rating: 4/5

Exterior of Kam Tong Garden Chinese restaurant in Great Holm, Milton Keynes
Photo: @edwardlui

Standing proud and temple-like in the Great Holm area of Milton Keynes, Kam Tong Garden is a popular restaurant serving a huge variety of authentic Chinese dishes. Order à la carte, or fill your boots with the buffet and banquet options.

Our favourite dishes include the delicious Beef Ho Fun (beef with chunky noodles) and the classic Won Ton soup (shown on the right). Kam Tong also have a gluten free menu available for our coeliac friends.

2) Tattu – Leeds

Hygiene rating: 5/5

Interior of Tattu, Leeds with dining tables, chairs and cherry blossom tree display
Photos: @tatturestaurant

The first thing to know about Tattu, is that it’s absolutely stunning. From the gorgeous blossom displays to the impeccably presented food, this is next level fine dining that’s perfect for date nights. Or just a really, really stylish meal out.

With smoking skull candy cocktails and truly breathtaking dishes (the food snap above is the Thai style monkfish), it’s a must-see for foodies. And the great news is, Tattu also have restaurants in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh, with a brand new venue opening in London this year.

3) Wong Kei – Chinatown, London

Hygiene rating: 4/5

Exterior of Wong Kei restaurant, Chinatown London

Come on. We couldn’t write an article on Chinese restaurants and not include our beloved Wong Kei! Not only is the food spectacular, it’s right in the heart of Chinatown where you can join in the festivities, with traditional music, snap crackers and dragon dancing.

Check out our full review of Wong Kei here.

Where’s your favourite place to go for Chinese food? Let us know in the comments!