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Get Tasty is the only UK service provider offering table reservation software free of charge. No fees. No monthly cost. Free.

Create zones, tables or specific seating types to suit your business needs and help keep things running smoothly.

Customers can easily book a table at your venue, order table service and pay the bill – all through the Get Tasty app.


Automated table management

Set up your table reservation preferences in the Get Tasty portal, then let our smart automated software do the hard bit.

Zone management

Create dining zones to help with managing venue capacity. From bar seating to beer garden tables, Get Tasty handles it all.

Guestlist data

Customers who make a table reservation are added to your guestlist, allowing you to track their behaviour and buying decisions. Quickly build up a profile of your customers to understand their needs and preferences.

Seating features

Customise specific seating areas by feature to meet customer needs. This could be family seating close to childrens' play areas, shaded outdoor chairs for warm days, or wheelchair accessible tables. It's up to you.

Pay at table

By connecting to Get Tasty order and pay at table services, you free up time to focus on more pressing tasks. No more awkwardness, waiting for the card machine to work. Hurrah!

Real time status updates

Keep on top of table progress to help deliver great customer service. See which diners have received their starters, finished their mains - or who can be tempted with pudding!


During busy periods, customers can add themselves to a waitlist until a suitable table frees up. It's a useful, fair way to maximise the number of customers you serve each day, without having to turn anyone away.

Phone bookings

We haven't forgotten about phone bookings. You also have the option to add these to the system, helping you to track all of your table reservations in one place.

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Get Tasty’s smart AI software targets 1000s of matched customers for your business, every day.

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