Here's an offer you can't refuse...

We all love getting a great deal. It builds loyalty with the brands we like, which is why promotions are a great way to market your hospitality business to customers.

In partnership with Eagle Eye, Get Tasty lets you create and distribute free, customised promotional campaigns. Smart AI-driven technology delivers your promotions to the most receptive customers, helping to minimise quiet times, boost revenue and promote a higher spend per head.

Attract new customers with eye-catching welcome offers, or re-engage with dormant diners. It’s completely up to you.


Customised promotions

Create promotions tailored to suit your business needs and draw in customers (e.g. £5 off when you spend £40). There is no limit to the number of promotions or campaigns you can run, or the volume of customer data you can collect from them. Go wild!

Demographic targeting

From vegan diners to previous guestlist customers, design tailored promotions that appeal to specific demographics. Analyse and compare results to measure performance.

Review resolution

Did something go wrong on the night? If a customer has left you a bad review, try retargeting them with a personalised promotion to smooth things over. This second chance to show that you care just might convert your customer into a loyal one!

Campaign scheduler

Once you’ve created a promotion or two, you can set up marketing campaigns with specific rules, including how long you want it to run for and the customer base(s) you want to target. Then, simply schedule!


Measure the success of your promotional campaigns in our free reporting suite. You can even compare results against your guestlist data to see which customers redeemed promotions during their journey.

Filtered search

Get Tasty app users can filter search results by promotions, where your live campaigns will show up. Whether large or small, your business is just as likely to be discovered by new customers looking for a good deal.

Is your business profile complete?

Get Tasty’s smart AI software targets 1000s of matched customers for your business, every day.

Now imagine how many customers we could deliver to you with a fully optimised profile… it’s a no brainer!

Don’t miss out. Complete your business profile and create free, customised campaigns today.