The gift that keeps on giving.

Digital gift cards make lovely presents for customers to buy for friends and family. They also reward your business tenfold.

Gift cards serve as a recommendation of your business, helping to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to your venue. Not to mention, they’re free to create and sell on Get Tasty.

By tracking the sale of digital gift cards, you can quickly learn who your promoters are, and target special occasions to generate maximum sales revenue.


Gift card builder

Using our digital gift card builder, you can sell secure, customised gift cards of any set monetary value for customers to buy. It's a fast, convenient and secure way to increase your cash flow.


Receiving a gift card to redeem at your venue is social proof that it's worth visiting. By promoting your business, gift cards help to spread brand awareness, bringing in new customers and increasing loyalty.

Build pre-visit revenue

Customers who buy a gift card for your business are essentially pre-ordering someone else’s meal - you get the sale upfront. Not to mention, it's likely that the gift card owner won't be dining alone!


Within the Get Tasty portal, you can track the sale and redemption of digital gift cards through your ePOS system to learn more about your customers. Analyse insights from menu choices to review feedback.

Discover the gift
of knowledge

Get Tasty’s smart AI software targets 1000s of matched customers for your business, every day.

Now imagine how many customers we could deliver to you with a fully optimised profile… it’s a no brainer!

Don’t miss out. Complete your business profile and offer customised digital gift cards to a wider audience.