What's on
the menu?

From dish of the day to chef’s specials, Get Tasty lets you create free, fully searchable digital menus.

Customers can browse menus, search for specific dishes, order and pay for meals – all within the Get Tasty app. This increases sales volume and grows your customer guestlist.

See which dishes are selling like hot cakes, and which… well, aren’t!

Inventory builder

It's easy to list your food and drink inventory. Simply upload a CSV file to our portal from your current ePOS system. Don't forget to include brands - they'll show up in search!

Configurable products

Build customised dishes and drinks to suit your business needs or fulfil customer requests. You could add bacon to a burger, or double up on that gin measure.

Service integration

Your digital menu powers a range of other Get Tasty features, including order and pay at table and takeaway orders.

Menu builder

Create specific menus to help customers find exactly what they're looking for. From childrens' meals to happy hour cocktails, customise menus to excite and delight.


Assess menu performance to identify your most popular dishes and drinks. Use our free reporting tools and customer review feedback to help keep your menu fresh and appealing, increasing customer loyalty and profit.

Item pairing (coming soon!)

Cross-sell and upsell using smart menu item pairing. From wine choices to helpful side dish suggestions and upgrades, customers are encouraged to spend more while improving their dining experience.

Put your best dishes in the spotlight

Get Tasty’s smart AI software targets 1000s of matched customers for your business, every day.

Now imagine how many customers we could deliver to you with a fully optimised profile… it’s a no brainer!

Don’t miss out. Complete your business profile today and showcase your menu to more customers.