Your customers, your data

Customer journeys let you see your business through your customers’ eyes. What tickled their taste buds? What turned them off?

By mapping customer journeys from end to end, Get Tasty collects powerful data for your business at every touch point.

Discover customer preferences and behaviour, then use these key insights to beat your competitors. The data is all yours.


Customer insights

Track every aspect of the customer journey in-app from start to finish. Includes profile views, claimed promotions, table bookings, menu orders, reviews, payments and tips.

Guestlist data

Every Get Tasty user who books a table at your venue or completes an order is added to your guestlist. You can then trace each step of their customer journey, from promotions seen to profile views and review scoring.

Spot opportunities

Use customer journey data to identify business opportunities, making small adjustments to outsmart your competitors. Every day is a school day!


Increase retention by targeting customers with personalised marketing and promotions to match their needs and preferences. A great way to boost loyalty.


Analyse customer profiles and actions to understand their needs and preferences at every stage of the customer journey.

Data ownership

From end to end, you have total ownership of the customer data collected in your guestlist. No ifs or buts - it's yours.

Your journey to success starts here

Get Tasty’s smart AI software targets 1000s of matched customers for your business, every day.

Now imagine how many customers we could deliver to you with a fully optimised profile… it’s a no brainer!

Don’t miss out. Put your hospitality business on the path to success!