Cocktails at Homeboy, Islington (London)

Saturday February 1, 2020
Exterior window shot of Homeboy bar, Islington

To those of you who made it through Dry January, hoorah! Well done. And to those still cracking through the Christmas Bailey’s, good for you too.

If you fancy a victory sip tonight, look no further than Homeboy, a unique Irish cocktail bar in Islington. The brainchild of Aaron Wall and Ciarán Smith, Homeboy shows off the best of Irish hospitality with dazzling drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. With a late night DJ playing modern RnB jams at the weekends, head down nice and early if you fancy a quiet drink or two.

Homeboy has to be one of the coolest hidden gems we’ve come across in London. It isn’t big, but it’s effortlessly cool and cosy. The superstar staff are really welcoming and know the menu inside out, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice when picking a drink from their impressive cocktail menu.

For fans of traditional Irish whisky, we recommend the Taoiseach. Named after the Irish Prime Minister, it combines 12-year-old Redbreast whisky, Cointreau and Martini Rosso with pomegranate syrup, bitters and orange. You’re only allowed to order one if you can pronounce it correctly. (Kidding. We still don’t know how to say it.)

Cocktails next to a lit candle and Homeboy beer mats

Naked and Infamous (the lighter orange cocktail pictured above) is a great choice for those with a sweet tooth. Blending Grey Goose vanilla vodka, Yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, apple juice, passionfruit purée, Earl Grey foam and a little sugar, it’s reminiscent of a Pornstar Martini without the prosecco shot. Sweet, crisp and utterly refreshing.

Similarly, the Whiskey Smash offers a fruity, light twist on traditional whisky cocktails. Mixing Roe & Co Irish whisky with vermouth and orange bitters, it’s the mint and spinach syrup that gives this cocktail its signature green colour. Trust us – it tastes just as refreshing as it looks. We reckon even the Hulk would be pretty happy with this.

Green Whiskey Smash and espresso cocktails on a wooden table, with Homeboy beer mats

Espresso martini fans will love the Bump & Grind, a tasty blend of vodka, coffee liqueur and bonus salted caramel syrup. This is one of those drinks that balances perfectly on the edge between sweetness and sharpness. A crowd pleaser, for sure.

For the bold and daring among you, the Zombie cocktail awaits. A mixture of 4 different rums, unsurprisingly these are limited to 2 per customer. We’re sure there are some great stories behind this… why not ask your server when you pop in?

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Islington, London

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